Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Northern Light

For those who are interested in what happened to me and Margaret's after our marriage, Catherine Winchester has very kindly chronicled our lives and published our story for you all to enjoy.

I will be publishing details of certain events every week on this website.

With the threat of another strike, a series of bad mill accidents, a lethal fire and failed speculation, life in Milton is not easy for anyone and it won't be long before the mill masters and their workers clash once more, with devastating consequences.

Getting married and starting a family is difficult enough at the best of times but for John and Margaret, married life will present unique challenges and despite the reforms they are making, even they will not escape Milton's troubles unscathed.

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  1. Have you read A Heart for Milton by Trudy Brasure. OMG! I loved it. I think she did as fantastic job continuing John and Margaret's story.

  2. I have and I enjoyed it, but I view that as more of a re-imagining that a sequel.

    I think there another 2 or 3 out there since Trudy and I published ours (some sequels, some I'm not so sure about, one I think is a satire) but Trudy's is the only published one I've read.